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Because of new european laws and new emmission rules, we announce, that we are quitting business, building V8 Motorcycles.
Thanks to our customers and friends who stayed with us these wild years. So this page is for historical purpose only. It will be maintained, if there are any news. February 28th, 2002 Mega Machines.

All customer- and service-accounts will be served as usual.

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WELCOME to the world of Mega Machines
shure you already know, that you want to see some "real" bike.
But letīs talk about "real" bikes.
Our opinion is to build bikes which reflects the ownerīs personality.
Therfore we donīt have bikes on stock.
We build it on your special needs, to your dimension, and of course
for your satisfaction.
Each motorcycle is made by german craftsmen who learned their job
they see their work as a passion which make them living.
Also our Quality Management System according to ISO9001, guarantees
a real worthy job. Most of our parts are made by leading german companies
who also work for other main brands worldwide.
We do the development and assembly.

What about the bike?
Some people donīt like this kind of motorcycle, a car-engine in a motorcycle.
Others who had a ride, got crazy of the smooth handling and the agressive acceleration when they turned the throttle.
OK - this bike is not for everyone, but thatīs what the bike is made for.

Some history
In 1994 two german guys thought about this chevrolet engine built in
a motorcycleframe. They decided to develop this "thing". In Germany there
are a lot of regulations on building motorized vehicles, so first you have to
contact the officials to get something we call "TüV" which represents
the governments "OK" . After a lot of paperwork and some redesigns, the bike
was certified (street-legal) by the "TüV" and the production could start.

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